An oven is not visible like other kitchen equipment and as a result many people tend to ignore the grim that is building inside. Charred and grease buildup can accumulate overtime thus turning into carbon. This can actually cause the oven to emit a strong burning smell of carbon that will destroy the flavor of the meal that you are cooking. Oven cleaning London is very important is you want to prolong the lifespan of the oven as well as ensure that the meals that you are prepare are healthy. In this article we are going to give you 3 hacks for cleaning your oven.Oven

1. Remove Oven Racks

It is very difficult to clean your oven when the oven racks are still intact. The first thing that you need to do when cleaning your oven is to carefully remove all racks from the oven and place them in a sink full of warm water mixed with appropriate detergent. Soak the racks for about 30 minutes the wash them with a gentle scrubber to remove stains stuck on the racks. You should avoid using abrasive chemicals and scrubbers because they may damage the rack. Clean them gently, rinse them then allow them to dry before returning them to the oven.

2. Clean Interior

 Once you have taken care of the racks, you now need to focus on the inside of the oven. Before you start the cleaning process, mix 4 table spoon of baking soda with water then shake the mixture gently before applying it on the inside walls of the oven. Spay the solution gently on the interior of the cold oven putting much focus on stained areas as well as on the charred until all carbon that has formed is completely saturated. If the inside wall of the oven has more stains, you can increase the ratio of baking powered to make the solution stronger and allow the solution to soak for at least one hour then use a scrapper to get rid of the lessen carbon. After you are sure that all carbon has been eliminated wipe the wall gently with a solution of half vinegar and water to remove the dirt.

3. Rinse With Clean Water

The oven is a very sensitive place and you need to ensure that all chemical used in the cleaning process are eliminated. Besides cleaning the oven with vinegar, you need to finish the cleaning process by using clean warm water. This will not only ensure that the oven is super clean but will also eliminate chemicals that can find their way into your meal.

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